Victor's Story

Redeemed for a purpose.

HHY Founder and Director Victor Chimfwembe was born November 15, 1986 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Abandoned at birth by his parents, he received no care for the first four days of his life, after which he was taken in by a nurse from the hospital. He lived with the nurse through the age of four; when the nurse lost employment and could no longer support a child, she gave him to a couple who offered to care for him. Unbeknownst to her, this was not a healthy arrangement. The family moved to Zambia and provided on/off care for Victor through the age of nine when escalating domestic violence and a near-fatal stab wound forced him onto the streets.

Like the millions of orphans around the world, every day was a struggle to survive. Victor would often go hungry, laying alone in the cold—sick with no one to care for him. He experienced regular violence as he fought or stole for food. He was desparate and alone—but not forgotten. God was working on his behalf to redeem his story.

Victor’s first opportunity to attend school came in 2001 at the age of 15. A friend encouraged him to sit for placement exams and he was accepted into the 10th grade—paying for his education by doing piecework on weekends. Victor lived his life in anger over his situation, blaming others for the difficulties in his life. At the age of 16, Victor accepted Christ after hearing the testimony of a classmate. Once he understood that God loved him and had a purpose for his life, and that everything he had survived was in preparation for fulfillment of that plan, he began to perceive his station in life differently. Through this change in attitude, he developed a desire to share with those around him the good news of Christ, and grew a servant's heart.

After completing high school, Victor worked in construction and in the customs office. In 2009, at the age of 23, Victor felt the Lord leading him to help children in the community who were orphaned and vulnerable. Because of his own past, Victor understood these children’s lives like no one else. No one had taken the time to listen to their stories, but now Victor was listening with an ear of concern and a heart of compassion, and was determined to find ways to improve the lives of children who appeared forgotten. He soon had four children depending upon him for love and care. In 2010, by the power of the Holy Spirit, Victor was able to secure 65 acres of land and build a small house for these children who had no parents, no home, and no hope for a future.

In 2011, Victor was presented with the opportunity to attend the Teen Missions International (TMI) Bible, Missions and Work (BMW) program. Having had been positively affected by TMI's boot camps during high school, Victor jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this program. Victor continued caring for the four children while also attending the BMW program at Teen Missions. While in the program, the Lord began connecting this charismatic young man to many different people, giving him opportunities to share his heart and passion to serve God in his community. Victor’s previous experience working with the customs office and having different connections within the community grew his influence within governmental agencies and other businesses to grow.  Unbeknownst to Victor, God was using these connections and influence to sprout a new ministry that would soon be known as Hallelujah House of Yahweh.

Victor struggled to find balance between his Bible training program and caring for the children. In 2012, the Lord called Victor to serve the orphans and bush community full-time. Through generous donations from friends who shared a common vision, the land purchase was finalized and development began in north central Zambia between Ndola and Kitwe for what is today known as the Hallelujah House of Yahweh Farm.

In addition to caring tangibly for the orphaned and vulnerable, Victor knew God was calling him to be a pastor and carry the Gospel to an unreached population. In 2013, he received his diploma in Theology from Logos University, and in June of 2015, graduated with his Bachelors in Arts, Theology.

By God’s grace and under Victor’s leadership, HHY has grown over time to care for 28 orphaned children and become a lifeline for those living in the bush of north central Zambia—cultivating holistic, sustainable solutions in an effort to end generational poverty. Victor’s personal experiences give him unique insight into the challenges faced by the orphaned and disadvantaged children in Zambia. His greatest aspiration in life is to be the hands and feet of the Gospel in his community.

In 2014, Victor married Racheal Kayombo who now serves as Associate Administrator for HHY. Victor and Racheal have two children, Marlys Shekinah and Amoriah Jane, who are the lights of their lives.

Victor's story inspires our belief that each life is purposed to flourish and reach another.

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