Zambia is one of 22 African countries with the highest number of under-nourished children under five years old. Thousands of children and women suffer from one or more forms of malnutrition, including low birth weight, wasting, stunting, underweight, and multiple micro-nutrient deficiencies. (source)

Malnourished children have substantially lower chances of survival than children who are well nourished. They are much more likely to suffer from a serious infection and die from common childhood diseases such as diarrhea, pneumonia, measles, and malaria. (source)

The 65 acre HHY farm is key to alleviating poverty in our community and enlarging our children's futures. Most of our farm is comprised of maize, but we also grow sweet potatoes, soybeans, and other vegetables. Additionally, we raise pigs, goats, and chickens. We work as a family to plant and sow the maize fields, tend the orchard, and care for the animals. All farming is done by hand, using hoes and rakes—there are no tractors, no plows, etc. The children learn a strong work ethic, and excess crops and meat are sold in market for income.

HHY cultivates sustainable farming practices
that provide both nutrition & ongoing income.

The Granary Project

Maize is the main crop raised on the farm. It is harvested and ground into mealie meal using a hammer mill. The mealie meal is boiled with water to make nshima—the staple food in Zamba—and eaten at least twice daily.

Our goal is to cultivate enough maize to feed the family all year. With no place to properly store this precious resource, it is subject to bug infestation, theft, and rot.

Our goal is to build a granary to house and protect our precious maize harvest.

Help us house and protect our harvest.


Pigs & Goats

Keeping animals like pigs and goats on the farm provides nourishing protein for the children, as well as sustainable income in the market.


Give nourishment and sustainability.

Your gift of $100 provides 1 pig.
Your gift of $50 provides 1 goat.