Medical Assistance & Prevention

Lack of health education and limited access to health care results in various diseases and conditions. The people of our community do not have access to vaccines and treatments common to the developed world.

We are committed to delivering basic medical care to nearby villages in the form of antiseptic creams and bandages, cough and malaria treatments, etc. We frequently transport individuals in our community to local medical clinics or the hospital when the need is beyond our ability to treat. (Update: Currently our vehicles are out of commission drastically affecting our ability to provide these important services. Help us secure a dependable vehicle.)

On occasion, the need exceeds even that of the expertise of the local healthcare system. When this occurs, HHY coordinates care with other charitable organizations within Zambia to ensure all that can be done is being done.

In tandem with our medical assistance efforts, HHY also conducts community health education and disease prevention that teach basic life skills like hygiene and STD prevention.

HHY provides essential health supplies, hygiene education,
& transportation to clinics & other NGOs.



Mirriam's Story

49 year old Mirriam had been afflicted with a goiter for 26 years. Through your generous support, HHY was able to facilitate surgical removal of the goiter In the fall of 2015. Praise God, Mirriam is now doing well!

Bring hope & healing to our community.

YOUR GIFT of $10 provides 2 sets of bandages & ointment.
YOUR GIFT of $20 provides an average dose of medication.

Aaron's Story

62 year old Aaron suffers from glaucoma. The medication prescribed is effective, but at about $150 per month he is not able to afford it. Give to help Aaron.

Surgical treatment of glaucoma is not available locally, and would require travel to the university hospital, about 5 hours distant by bus. If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring Aaron's surgery, please contact us.