Donation FAQ

Q:  Is my donation/gift tax deductible?

A: Yes! All donations are processed through our US 501(c)3 partner, Holistic Global Partners.

Q:  Who is Holistic Global Partners and how are they related to HHY?

A: We are blessed to partner with Holistic Global Partners (HGP) for administrative and fundraising support. All HHY donations are tax deductible and processed through HGP. Read more about them on Our Partners page. All checks should be made out to Holistic Global Partners.

Q:  How much of my online donation goes to HHY?

A: After a small processing fee, 95% of your donation goes directly to HHY. To avoid the online processing fee, checks may be sent to: Holistic Global Partners, 1651 Rozeveld Dr., Hudsonville MI 49426. Please indicate "HHY" on the memo.

Q:  Can I set up a recurring donation?

A: We are working to add this functionality. Thanks for your patience! In the mean time, please contact us to set up recurring donations.

Q:  Can I combine my gift catalog selection(s) with my donation into a single transaction?

A: At this this time gift catalog selections and donations are processed in separate transactions.