Proper infrastructure is foundational to our vision of a thriving, sustainable community. The farm (where HHY operates) is 20 miles from the nearest city. The "road" is a bumpy, sandy two-track through the bush. It takes approximately one hour to drive from the city to the farm (in the dry season) and wreaks massive wear and tear on our vehicles. This makes it very challenging to transport resources.

Lack of clean water, sanitation, and electricity feed the poverty in our community. Our goal is to build proper infrastructure to lay the foundation for additional life-giving initiatives.

HHY is committed to improving infrastructure
in the community in which we serve.

One of our current vehicles

One of our current vehicles

Dependable Vehicle

Our greatest infrastructure need right now is a new vehicle. Our two current cars are both out of operation due to continuous wear and tear from the roads. It is very costly to hire drivers to transport people and materials to and from our area ($150 per transport!).

A dependable, all-terrain vehicle is invaluable to our staff to transport:

  • children to and from school weekly (HHY children currently attend school in town until the new school can be built in our community)
  • staff between our two churches (10 miles apart)
  • supplies from town for the farm and ongoing projects (hiring a driver for the day to move these bulky heavy items costs $150 per transport!)
  • individuals in need of medial attention to the hospital or clinic
  • maize and soybean harvest from fields around the periphery of our 65 acre farm to town, where it can be sold for operating income.

Give the gift of transportation.

YOUR GIFT OF $40,000 provides 1 all-terrain vehicle and 1 year of insurance.
Note: vehicles newer than 15 years old are more rare and costly than in the western world

Installation of the bore hole well

Installation of the bore hole well



Thanks to a generous gift from a Sunday School class in Huntsville, Alabama, we are in the process of installing a bore hole well, a water storage tank, and plumbing to 2 spigots on the property. This well will service the immediate needs for cooking, clean drinking water, and washing/bathing. (In the future, a second well will be required to provide clean water for the livestock and irrigation for the orchard and gardens.)

The bore hole well will be a huge improvement over our previous hand dug wells and will have a positive impact on the health of the children, staff, and livestock on the farm. We praise God for this gift!

Update: We have experienced challenges with the installation of the bore hole well and need to modify the hole and secure a filter. Additional funds are needed to complete this project.

Give water. Give life.

YOUR GIFT OF $3,000 will complete the bore hole well project.


There is no significant power source today at the farm. This means all light at night is from flashlight (but batteries are expensive!) or candle. It also prohibits the use of refrigeration and limits egg production, which is low when hens do not have 24-hour light.

The most feasible option for electricity at the farm (20 miles from the nearest city) is solar power. To power our 65 acre farm, including housing for the children and staff, requires six solar panels and additional supportive equipment (inverters, electrical lines, outlets...).

Let there be light (at the farm).

YOUR GIFT OF $840 provides 1 solar panel + supportive equipment.
YOUR GIFT OF $5,000 provides solar power for the entire farm.