Church & Discipleship

Historically, the people living in the bush surrounding HHY practiced witchcraft, and many still do today. Although Zambia is considered to be a “Christian nation," many have not heard the gospel. Prior to the start of HHY in 2012, those living near HHY were virtually untouched by Christianity. Those who were would consider themselves to be Catholic or a Jehovah’s Witness. The influence of Islam is quickly growing in the area as well—and with it a lot of associated wealth, which is attractive to many.

As HHY Founder and Director Victor Chimfwembe built relationships and gained influence within the community, neighbors began to request a weekly meeting to hear the Scriptures. This deep hunger for the Good News of Christ has led to two neighboring church plants—Yahweh's Chapel and House of Restoration—both of which are pastored by Victor (yes, two 3+ hour services each Sunday!). There are also prayer services each Saturday afternoon at both churches and regular outreach efforts to the unreached in the community. By the grace of God, over 100 people have come to know and accept Jesus!

Update: House of Restoration experienced a structural collapse during the 2015 rainy season and needs to be rebuilt. Help us rebuild House of Restoration church.

HHY shepherds two community churches in the bush,
living out the gospel in word and in deed

The needs—both physical and spiritual—are still great. Yahweh's Chapel is currently in need of windows, doors, benches, a concrete floor and Bibles. GIVE BELOW ↧



Power to Save

One of the couples who are members of Yahweh's Chapel are parents of four children. The second and third children were twin girls. When they were still babies, they fell very sick. As was the practice of many in the area, the parents took their babies to the witch doctor for a cure. Each time they went, there was an expense. The family sacrificed everything they owned trying to buy a cure, but the babies continued to get sicker.

Finally, on a last attempt, the witch doctor had them come during the night and ordered the parents to strip naked and place the babies on the roof of the shelter. The witch doctor mixed "charms" into a bucket of water, and told the parents to splash the babies using brooms while repeating chants. Sadly a few days later, one of the babies died. Having exhausted their financial ability to go back to the witch doctor, they decided to give the new church in their area (Yahweh's Chapel) a try, and see if we could help them. Immediately, people gathered to pray for the child, and very soon her health showed improvement.

The girl is now healthy and thriving, and each time her parents look at her they see God's gift of healing. They have given their lives to Christ and now seek all their answers from God, knowing that only He can provide. The father is now the head elder at Yahweh's Chapel and their family is very active in attending and serving.

Rebuild House of Restoration church.

The church experienced a structural collapse during the 2015 rainy season.

Equip Yahweh's Chapel for maximum fruitfulness.

YOUR GIFT OF $50 will help provide Yahweh's Chapel with
windows, doors, benches, a concrete floor and Bibles.