March 2013 Newsletter

Greetings from Hallelujah House of Yahweh!

The past months have brought challenges and change to HHY. We are praising God every day for his guidance and mercy, and thanking him for your support and prayers.

Spreading Out
Rainy season and forestry department work along our bush road have resulted in frequent and costly maintenance on the vehicles. With breakdowns due to engine or tire problems becoming too common, the children were missing a significant number of school days. To remedy this, HHY rented a 3-bedroom house in Twapia within walking distance to most of the schools. Four adult caregivers and 18 of the children stay in the house from Sunday through Friday evenings, and the bus and car are now used only in town and for weekend transport to and from the farm. While costly to rent a house, paying rent and having the children in school is highly preferable to paying for vehicle repair and having the children miss school!

Being in town during the week gives us a new and unique opportunity to witness to those around us. Our house is quickly becoming known as a house of song and laughter, and we have been visited by neighbors curious about who we are and what we are about. It has recently been observed that during our evening devotions (usually indoors following dinner), a number of neighborhood children are gathering outdoors to listen through the windows. The picture at right does not come close to showing the energy and joy in the room we praise God together each night.

The Children
In December 2012, we reported that HHY was now caring for 12 orphaned and disadvantaged children. Soon thereafter our number grew to 28! Most of these children reside with us at the farm and in the Twapia house; several are in boarding school, and others live with extended family or friends but receive help from HHY with school expenses.

In early 2013, three children transitioned out of our care: Christopher left HHY to live with extended family relocated into the area, Carol and Francis Mathews now live with an aunt in Twapia. We pray that for each of these children, their new living arrangements will give them what they need to be successful in life and continue to support the growth of their faith in Christ for their provision.

Other Additions to the Family
On January 16, “Bambuya” moved from the US to Zambia to work as Administrator for the ministry, and as caregiver for the staff and children. Initially given just a 14-day Visa approval at the airport, two 30-day extensions have been used, and an application for a work permit is being processed in Lusaka. While living conditions are quite different from those in the States, the transition has overall gone well and the family is very glad to have her with us.
In early February, a female goat was delivered to HHY strapped to the back of a bicycle. We wish we had a picture or video to share; imagine the giggles and squeals of excitement when the children saw the goat and the quick change to screams and running as a very frazzled goat was untied and placed on the ground! A second female goat was added in March; a male goat is on loan from a neighbor so baby goats can be part of our future.

In late February, six pigs (two male, four female) were purchased and placed into the newly constructed piggery. Pigs are in high demand in northern Zambia, and supply is low. We have been told one of the females is already pregnant; the piglets projected to be born at year end and after should bring a good return on our investment and help to cover the cost of school fees for 2014.

The Church
We have been blessed over the past months to host some local pastors. Special thanks to Pastors Victor Chatora and Rabi Shawa for their powerful and inspirational messages.
Sunday attendance has remained steady, and the church has added a weekly Bible Study (Wednesday afternoons), a weekly Women’s Bible Study (Friday afternoons), monthly Evangelism in the community (Saturday afternoons), and daily prayer meetings. Thank you for your ongoing prayers for this ministry!

Medical Ministry
After scheduling challenges between HHY and Samaritan’s Purse prevented Aaron’s return to HHY, we were notified that Aaron has chosen to continue treatment by Samaritan’s Purse, including potential additional surgeries on his face. Everyone at HHY is anxious to see the outcome, and we will certainly keep you informed as we learn more!

In mid-February, Victor suffered from a serious case of malaria, causing great pain in his body and a problem with his liver. With medication and a modified diet, he is feeling much better and we are told his liver will mend itself. At the end of February, Marlys was also “down” for five days while recovering from malaria. Several of the children have had or are experiencing milder cases of malaria and severe headaches. Please pray for healing and continued health for all.

Sustainability Report
Maize is the primary ingredient for nshima, the staple food eaten daily in Zambia. HHY has large fields of maize planted, and we are anticipating an abundant harvest in late April or early May. Due to the projected size of the harvest, plans to build a granary for maize storage have expanded to build two granaries! To accomplish this, HHY must raise approximately US$2000 in the next 30-45 days. Please pray that this support may be found soon.

The young hens are now consistently laying eggs, which is increasing the return from egg sales in the market. Sadly, we are still not experiencing a profit from the sales; we continue to have to supplement the income to pay for feed for the hens. Egg production from the older hens has decreased to the point that we have decided to sell these hens. Please pray for good health and a high yield from the young poultry, and that a buyer may be found soon for the older poultry.
Goats and pigs are now part of our sustainability effort. See more about them under “Other Additions”.

Awareness & Fundraising
A trip to the USA is being planned for some time between May and August. This trip will primarily be used to raise awareness of needs in Zambia and how HHY is working to address these needs. While it is our prayerful goal to raise ongoing support for the work of HHY, we wish to invite anyone interested in having Victor speak to their church or organization to contact us at so we may work to include your venue in the schedule.

Thank you once again for your continued love, prayers, and support for the ministry of HHY. The work we do in Christ’s name would not be the same without each of you behind us.
Answered Prayer!

• Praise God for a good home in Twapia where the children have access to school each day!
• Praise God for the new additions to the HHY family!
• Praise God for Aaron’s continuing treatment, health and recovery!
• Praise God for His provision through the anticipated harvest!
• Praise God for the lives that are being reached with the Gospel!!

Prayer Requests

• Please pray for God’s continued provision for the daily and long-range needs of HHY.
• Please pray that the church may be capable to support the ministry needs of the bush area.
• Please pray for the continued health and wellbeing of the children and staff.
• Please pray for good health and a high yield from the young poultry and that a buyer may be found soon for the older poultry. Pray also for health and growth (and pregnancy!) of the pigs and goats.
• Please pray that God’s hand will be felt and seen in the planning for the trip to the US, and that hearts and homes will be open and receptive to the message we bring.

We would love to hear from you!
For further information of the work of HHY or how you may partner with us for the future, please contact us at:

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