January 2014 Newsletter

Greetings from Hallelujah House of Yahweh!

It has been some time since our last newsletter.  Schedule and resource challenges made publication difficult; thank you for your patience.  This issue is jam packed with updates.  We hope you enjoy the news we have to share.

The Church(es)
Yes, more than one!  In December 2013, a second church was started in the bush a distance from the farm and the first Yahweh’s Chapel.  Pastor Victor divides his time on Sunday mornings between the two churches.  The congregations continue to develop in their walk with Christ through weekly services and Bible Studies, and all-night prayer services are now held every Friday night at Yahweh’s Chapel.  The congregants continue to reach out to unchurched neighbors, and we continue to see lives brought to Christ.  What a blessing to be part of this growing ministry!

 A gift from the US has allowed us to add two new benches in Yahweh’s Chapel, and we plan to install a concrete floor soon.  Doors and windows are still needed.  Please pray that support may be found for this work.

The Children
The 2014 school year has started, with all children advancing to the next grade. If you are a sponsor and have not submitted your donation toward school fees and uniforms, now is the time!  There are still 21 children without sponsorship.  If you are not a sponsor and would like further information on what this means, please email us or visit our website at www.hhyzambia.org.

Ntumba (Damiano) completed grade 12 in December 2013.  We are anxiously awaiting his final scores so we may evaluate how to assist him with his goal of attending college to become an attorney, and one day a judge.  Until he becomes eligible for college based on his scores, he is attending the Gospel Literature Outreach College for Discipleship training.

We hadn’t planned to start a school in the bush until 2015 or later, but the community has been asking often when we will be able to start teaching their children.  Most if not all of the people in the area have never had an opportunity to attend school, and the idea that their children could made them very anxious to see this started.  So…

In January 2014, we made the invitation for children to come for some very basic language and math classes. On the first day, 25 children with their parents in tow showed up to sign up.  Before two weeks were out, we found ourselves with over 70 children eager to learn!  Classes are being held in Yahweh’s Chapel until a school building can be erected.  Please let us know if you are interested in being part of this exciting new ministry opportunity!

Medical Ministry
Aaron, who so many of you have been praying for, died on Thursday, January 24 following additional treatment by Samaritan’s Purse.  We praise God that he accepted Christ in 2013, and so know that he is now pain-free and with our Lord.  Please pray for his family, that they may find peace and comfort in this knowledge.  Rest in peace, Aaron.

God has presented HHY with many community medical needs, primarily for transportation to local health clinics and the hospital, as we do not have a working clinic on site.  We don’t always know the person requesting help, but no-one is turned away if we have the means to assist.  Please pray for the health and wellbeing of the many that trust us for assistance.

Through the very generous gifts of friends, HHY was able to plant all of the land this year with maize, soybeans, peanuts, beans, and other various vegetables used day to day.  This was a huge undertaking, as there were more than 60 acres that needed to be cultivated, planted, and fertilized by hand.  A HUGE thank you to our Louisiana and Michigan friends who assisted us in this endeavor.  Everything is growing well and, God-willing, the harvest will provide a solid food source for the HHY family for the year.

World Travels!
In June/July 2013, Pastor Victor and Marlys were blessed to travel to the US to visit with family and friends, and to share the news of the work being done at HHY.  While we would have loved to see everyone, travel was limited to the upper Midwest this time around.  Many thanks to those who hosted us, inviting us into your homes and churches; your love and care for HHY was felt deeply and encouraged us greatly.


In November 2013, Marlys returned to the US to help welcome her first grandson into the world.  Congratulations to the DeYoung family on the birth of their handsome baby boy!!


Opportunities to get involved!
Orchard: HHY will be putting in an orchard in June 2014.  If you are interested in purchasing one or more trees for the orchard, please visit http://www.holisticglobalpartners.org/events/.

Work Team: A work team will be visiting HHY from the US in June 2014 to plant the orchard and assist with other projects at the farm.  If you are interested in being a part of this exciting opportunity, please visit http://www.holisticglobalpartners.org/programs/volunteer-work-groups/zambia-2014-adult-work-group/.

Victor, Marlys, and all the “family” at HHY

Answered Prayer!

·  Praise God for the continued expansion of ministry opportunities in the bush area.

·  Praise God for opportunity to begin classes for children who have no other school opportunities.

·  Praise God for the success the children of HHY are seeing in their studies.

·  Praise God for the ability to plant all of this year, expanding our food sources for the “family”!

Prayer Requests

·  Please pray for God’s continued provision for the daily and long-range needs of HHY.

·  Please pray for the continued health and wellbeing of the children and staff.

·  Please pray for Aaron’s family, that they may find God’s peace through the cloud of their grief.

·  Please pray for the success of our sustainability efforts.

·  Please pray for work team that is being formed to visit in June 2014.


We would love to hear from you!

For further information of the work of HHY or how you may partner with us for the future, please contact us at

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