April 2015 Newsletter

Greetings from Hallelujah House of Yahweh!

It’s been another long stretch without a newsletter. Needless to say, Marlys is finding herself challenged to stay in touch with the details in Zambia while also re-establishing her home and career in the US! Thank you for your patience!! 

The Children
The 2014 school year ended in December, and the majority of our children ended with very positive results. We are so proud of everyone’s hard work and achievement!!
There are several HHY children who now reside with family previously unable to support them. HHY continues to provide the financial support for these children’s education, and other needs like food assistance when necessary. We miss seeing the smiling faces of Kunda, Patricia, Elizabeth, Demeria, James, and Joshua every day, and look forward to their frequent visits.

Congratulations to Helen, who finished the year with the highest marks of any student in her school! Helen has now advanced to grade 10 at the Masaiti Boarding School, where she continues to demonstrate excellence as a student.

Congratulations also to Ntambwa, whose grade 12 scores were so high that he will qualify for scholarships for higher education beginning in 2016! He will soon be leaving HHY to study for his “O-level” (college entrance) examinations.

Ntumba, who completed his “gap year” in 2014, has been offered a scholarship to a culinary arts school in South Africa! All of his education costs will be covered, but transportation and living expenses will not. He is now working hard to raise the funds that will allow him to attend. Please say a prayer that he is able to do so, as this is a wonderful opportunity and will provide a stable career for his future. If you would like to donate to help with transportation and living expenses, please click here and indicate that your donation is for Ntumba.

The Farm
HHY has devoted a lot of time and energy over the past months to reinforcing and improving the infrastructure at the farm and to take steps toward self-sustainability.
From the generosity of Christmas giving, we were able to purchase a pig and several goats. And another generous donor has stepped up to assist us with building a piggery and stocking even more pigs so we can begin to breed and sell the pigs/pork as an income source! A huge thanks to everyone who has given – self-sustainability is so important to our success, and your gifts have truly helped to set the foundation for that to happen. (Oh, and turkeys! Somewhere along the way, we picked up two turkeys!)

HHY also received a VERY generous gift from a Sunday School class in Huntsville, Alabama that is allowing us to put in a bore hole well, a pump and water storage tank, and plumbing to two spigots on the property. It has taken many months to get all the materials to the farm (transportation challenges during rainy season!) and get the skilled laborers on-site to perform the work, but clean water is just around the corner! This is a HUGE improvement over the hand-dug wells on the property, and a positive impact to the health of the farm residents is expected. Thank you SO MUCH for this gift!!!

Finally, recognizing that the houses at the farm are very cramped with adults and children, and certainly do not support a married couple with an infant, a new dormitory is in process of being built. This is a slow process, as we are able to work only when finances and weather allow. When complete, we will have sufficient space in the dormitory to shift the boys so the Chimfwembe family may make use of the existing house for their family. It is our goal to also add a second wing to provide expanded housing to our girls.

The “Chimfwembe family”?
Yes, you read it right! On February 6, Victor and Rachael were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, who they named Marlys Shekinah. We are very happy to welcome this little bundle of joy to HHY! Congratulations, Victor and Rachael!!

HHY was blessed in late February with the arrival of two guests from Australia, who stayed for a full 6 weeks to do some community service in the farm community. Ruth and Keziah taught in the school and worked with the local women on seeking ways to improve their living situations. On leaving, they presented a goat to bana Lydia for the start of a “pass on” program, where the babies from the goat will be “passed” to another family to raise, who will “pass” to the next, and so on. It was so good to have you here, and we will miss your smiles!! 

While there have been a lot of great things happening for us and through us, we have also faced some serious challenges over the past months. None of our vehicles is currently running; we are using a bicycle (thank you for this gift!) for short-distance transportation, and renting a vehicle when needing to haul materials. We also had most of last year’s harvest stolen while Victor was in the US, meaning there was no seed for planting in November or maize to grind for mealie-meal, raising our food costs for this and next year (no harvest in 2015). Recovery from both will take significant effort; please pray with us that God will bless us with a turn-around in 2015!

Thank you for your continued love, prayers, and support for the ministry of HHY. Through your encouragement we are able to push forward with the work God has called us to do. God bless you!!

Victor, Marlys and all the "family" at HHY